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Ensemble and hybrid models of computational intelligence

Ensemble learning is a type of machine learning that studies algorithms and architectures that build collections, or ensembles, of statistical classifiers/regressors that are more accurate than a single classifier/regressor. This technique combine the output of machine learning algorithms, called “weak learners”, in order to get smaller prediction errors (in regression) or lower error rates (in classification).

Recommendation and personalization in web systems

The main aim of the recommendation systems is to deliver customized (personalized) information to a very differentiated users.

Agents and multi-agent systems

Agents and multi-agent systems are related to the modern software which has long been recognized as a promising technology for constructing autonomous, complex and intelligent systems. A key development in the field of agent and multi-agent systems has been the specification of agent communication languages and formalization of ontologies.

Knowledge management systems

1Knowledge Management System (KM System) refers to a (generally IT based) system for managing knowledge  in organizations for supporting creation, capture, storage and dissemination of information. It can comprise a part (neither necessary or sufficient) of a Knowledge Management initiative. The idea of a KM system is to enable employees to have ready access to the organization's documented base of facts, sources of information, and solutions.
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